Whoa, Daddy-O! Father's Day Promotions that Will Pack Your Bar

Happy Father's Day!

Nobody’s dad, husband, boyfriend, or friend with a kid wants another tie. There, we said it. There’s a chance they don’t want any ties, ever. Fathers likely don’t need more golf balls or tees, nor do they want anything they’re going to throw into a drawer, the garage, or the garbage. What dads want is what we all want: appreciation and some thought put into celebrating them. So, bearing that in mind, here are some promotional ideas that will make the fathers among your customer base want to celebrate at your bar.

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

Do you serve food? Have you implemented a brunch program? Don’t chain yourself to the common misconception that brunch is for women – plenty of men are into this special meal. It involves gorging and otherwise indulging in all manner of delicious food, and that isn’t limited to any gender. If you aren’t prepared to offer brunch can you at least offer a Father’s Day Lunch or Father’s Day Dinner?

With plenty of lead time (Father’s Day isn’t until Sunday, June 19) it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a great father-focused food menu. What do father’s eat? Well, when they aren’t finishing their kids’ partially eaten meals over a sink, they’re eating what many men like to stereotypically dine on: bacon, sausage, ribs, burgers, pizza, steak, tacos, burritos, corn on the cob straight from the grill, barbecued chicken… Plan ahead and create a menu fit for a father.

Don’t have a kitchen? Partner with food trucks that serve father favorites (see the paragraph above). Since you’ll most likely be utilizing your parking lot if you’re teaming up with food trucks, take it a step further: invite a car club or dealership or two and put some fast, powerful machinery outside for everyone to check out while they’re eating.

It's Whiskey Time

We try not to pigeonhole consumers or assign gender roles to customers but it’s fairly safe to assume that Father’s Day is fantastic for whiskey sales. This isn’t just because father’s tend to be men (traditionally and scientifically speaking), it’s because whiskey is insanely popular throughout America. Now is the time to showcase your whiskeys and whiskies. Collaborate with your suppliers for Father’s Day decorations, pairing menus, and tastings. Expect fathers with children who are of legal drinking age to come to your bar, so plan your tastings accordingly. And please, serve responsibly.

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

You know what goes really well with whiskey of all kinds? Cigars. You know what men traditionally hand out to their friends, family and coworkers to let them know they’ve got a newborn at home? Cigars. If you’re a cigar bar, you know what to do. If you’re a bar that can either allow cigar smoking inside or outside in a designated area, do some research and get your hands on cigars that will pair well with your whiskeys, cocktails, and food. These also make great door prizes and giveaways.

Showcase Your Craft Beer

Perhaps some fathers don’t care for whiskey for some bewildering reason. Maybe they’d rather stay away from spirits when celebrating Father’s Day. No problem – put your craft beers front and center. Ask your suppliers if they have any craft beer with names that tie into Father’s Day. And while you’ve got their attention, ask them to go over your food menu to help you with pairing. Just like whiskey, craft beer lends itself to tastings, so consider putting together such a menu.

Come Up with a Contest

Everyone loves contests. Bring fathers through your doors by offering up things they’d actually like to receive on their holiday. You know, electronic gadgets, gift cards, local brewery or distillery tours, tickets to sporting events, movie tickets, or whatever else you think the men who visit your bar would want. Whatever you choose as your prize or prizes, be sure to promote the hell out of it via your social media channels. Snap and share photos of your winner or winners, tagging them and thanking them for spending Father’s Day at your bar.

Giveaways & Specialty Items

More than contests, people love getting free stuff just for showing up somewhere. Get creative on your own, survey your staff, or team up with your suppliers to come up with giveaway items that will attract Father’s Day guests. Decide if you’re going to limit the giveaway items to a specific number of people who come through your door, those who share your promotion via social media, or everyone who comes to your bar. If you can get your hands on a rare bottle of beer, whiskey or other spirit, or an expensive piece of barware, think about a clever way to engage with your Father's Day guests to give them a chance to buy it at a great price. The giveaway requirements and limitations are up to you. Just make sure you promote the gifts or specialty items through social media to get everyone’s attention.


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