Why You Should Consider Booking an Instagram Celebrity

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Finding the right type of entertainment for a nightclub requires looking for acts with an appropriate mix of crowd draw and fit for your budget. An Instagram personality can be a profitable choice for attracting clientele, despite not being what we typically think of as a celebrity. Take a look at the top reasons why you should consider booking an Instagram celebrity.

You get value

Instagram celebs are a great alternative to booking a top artist at your nightclub. Big artists are good for boosting your publicity and building up a club’s name, but their high booking fees mean they aren’t always feasible as a regular draw for certain clubs. An individual who has become well known through their Instagram account, on the other hand, may have thousands of followers and even make good money from what they do, but they will usually not cost as much to book as a top artist. They will still, however, draw a big crowd, meaning the ROI for your business is high.

For one thing, online influencers like Instagram stars already know how to get attention on social media. This is something that bigger artists may not have the specialized skill in, or you have to pay extra for them to take the time to post (or for them to pay their social media manager to do it). It’s a skill that adds significantly to the value of booking an Instagram celebrity.

Just as important, the promotion provided by an Instagram celebrity often doesn’t feel like pushy advertising. It comes across as a trusted friend sharing exciting information. Their followers actually want to see more content from them, know what they’re doing, and find out where they are. You bring that same inner circle feeling to your club when an influencer tells their followers they will be there because those people feel like a community. They want to support their community and partake in that feeling of belonging, and that will build up interest in your event, helping to get more people to attend. The intimate-feeling relationship between Instagram personalities and their followers gets the followers to take action. Again, this is much different from a top artist, who can feel quite distant and untouchable to fans. Big artists have a wider base, but they may lack that devotion enjoyed by a niche online celeb.

Instagram is an active marketing stream

Picture this. Your club books an Instagram celebrity with 300,000 followers, many whom then comment on and share the post about where their favorite online personality has been. The next week, you book another popular Instagram personality. Pretty soon, your nightclub is being seen in various circles on the platform. By giving an influencer like an Instagram celeb publicity, you gain publicity in turn.

This allows you to position your club as the hot spot in your city. You can actually brand your club as the place where it is a regular occurrence to find Instagram influencers attending. Utilizing an online influencer optimally is not about getting the most coverage from one event (although you want to do that, too). To get the most success, booking Instagram celebs has to become a regular part of your business plan.

Who you book makes a big difference in how your club is perceived, and people get fanatic about their favorite Instagram users. That’s because these online personalities have learned how to give an audience what it wants. Booking the right one can determine whether your club is considered cool or not, and it doesn’t have to be the one with the most followers in order to work. People love knowing about something that everyone else doesn’t. When you find an online celeb with a niche following that matches your nightclub’s atmosphere, you’ve struck gold.

Also, rather than looking for influencers with the largest numbers of followers, check how engaged their followers are. To do that, you look at how many comments and shares they get. Basically, you want someone who can get the followers they already have to go crazy about everything they post — someone with a magnetic personality. What this does for you is make it more likely that people will spread the content about your club event. And research has shown Instagram users to have the highest post engagement of any social media platform. Simply put, linking with an Instagram personality can put your club in front of more people.

Your club continues to benefit after the event

So you got the hype built up through your Instagram celeb’s community of followers and your club event was a success. That’s the best you can hope for, right? Wrong. Not only does an Instagram celebrity help to encourage their followers to come see them at your club, they will also likely post pictures of the event afterward.

This means your club will continue to get more publicity through their feed and shares by followers. How does this benefit you if the event is over? It keeps your name in conversations. And you can win over more clientele, even if the same celeb won’t be back at your club any time soon.

Additionally, guests at your club are likely to be taking pictures of their favorite Instagram celebrity and spreading those along on their own social media accounts as well, creating multiple streams of promotion for your club.

Anything you can do to maximize social media channels for your name to spread through works well when you are booking an online influencer. And the best part is, you don’t actually have to take any time to make this happen. It is not a strategy that involves you creating Instagram posts. By booking an Instagram celebrity, you’ve also gained a partner who can create more social media buzz for you without the need for you to learn how to optimize your social media strategies yourself. Yes, that means you actually get entertainment for your club and a marketing partner in one talented individual. Try it and see how it works for your club.

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