The Renegade Server

This powerful book by hospitality author Tim Kirkland shows restaurant managers and servers how to sell more, serve better and make tons more money in the process. The book details specific, innovative techniques to grow sales, energize service and build repeat business every shift.

Here's what restaurant pros will learn from The Renegade Server:

  • Why people no longer base their tips on quality of service
  • The 10 commonly used phrases that damage check average and guest satisfaction
  • 9 scientifically proven techniques for increasing tip percentage
  • 21 meetings, activities and incentives that intensify teamwork and guest service
  • 59 tips and tricks to upscale service
  • Why Up-Selling¬†is dead (long live Up-Serving!)
  • How servers can treat their sections as their own start-up business
  • How to develop an army of loyal regulars
  • How to serve up customized experiences (not just food) to every guest

Available in paperback format here.