Topic: Back bar

Back Bar Design

Operators spend a lot of time designing their exterior and interior spaces, fine tuning the details of their concept, and tying everything together with logos and colors. However, some of them neglect the design of their back bar areas, and that means a diminished guest experience and loss of dollars.

Unique Drinking Vessels

Unique, unusual, unexpected... All of these words point to one thing: creating the WOW Factor. Unusual glassware creates reactions, allows bartenders to personalize cocktails, starts conversations, and keeps guests coming back for more.

Tapped Out

Innovation is a critical element for success in any bar, restaurant or nightclub. The Met Bar & Grill in Bethesda took innovation to a new level with a custom purA(C)e dispensing unit.

Steps to Set up Your Back Bar

It's important to have your dining room, entry or vestibule and all other aspects of your building looking pristine and exciting to your honored guests. Same goes for your back bar as it defines in part what you are attempting to accomplish by displaying your alcohol beverages.

Sell More Products Through Back Bar Design

What does a customer see first when he/she walks through your front door? If the brightest and most interesting items are refrigeration coolers and video games then you are missing an opportunity to advertise your most important products a beverages.
Michael Tipps at the 2017 NCB Show

Understanding the Backbar

I believe the backbar - including an owner's taste in well brands - is one of a bar's most underutilized revenue sources. Owners should treat these bar elements as valuable real estate.

Make More Money With Backbar Management

In need of a financial shot in the arm? Consider taking a page from the beverage consultantas playbook and revamp your backbar. Regardless of the size or concept of your operation, the backbar is your principal and most effective marketing device.

The Beautiful Backbar

The backbar is a crucial piece of real estate must merchandise your products and be highly functional. Here are four steps to establishing a backbar that is visually appealing and operationally efficient.

Smart Strategies

Here are some important things to consider when renovating your backbar and adding a punch to your beverage lineup.