Topic: Bar startup

Creating Hype for Openings

If you're opening a bar, nightclub, or other hospitality venue this fall you need to generate buzz to get people excited for your launch. Utilize local publications, bloggers, food and beverage resource sites, review websites, social media, and even pop-up shops to spread the word.

Becoming a Proprietor

Are you an aspiring bar or nightclub owner who isn't quite sure where to start or how to entice investors into helping fund your dream? If so, you'll want to read this story of David Kaplan of Proprietors, LLC, and his first bar deal.

Opening a Bar

A panel of industry veterans share tips on navigating the complexities of liquor licenses, writing a realistic business plan, dealing with difficult investors and cultivating loyal patrons.

Opening a Bar

Are you thinking about opening a bar, nightclub or restaurant and wish you had an experienced operator to offer you some advice? We spoke with bar owner Stephanie Richardson for you.

Reasons Why Bars Fail

Many a if not most a bars fall apart in the planning stages. Here Tobin Ellis lists some of the most common problems new bar owners face.