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What's Shaking in 2017?

We asked bartenders from around the country to give their predictions for what'll be hot (and not) behind the bar this year. Find out about their thoughts on what will trend in 2017, as well as the drinks they hope get left by the wayside.

Featured Bartender: Bob Peters

Congratulations to Bob Peters, our January 2017 Bartender of the Month! The bartender at the helm of The Punch Room at The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte in North Carolina, Bob is well known for his creative palate as well as for his ability to entertain.

5 Cocktail Shakers

When is a cocktail shaker more than just a cocktail shaker? When it's in the hands of a skilled bartender. With that in mind, we took a look at 5 modern versions of the cocktail shaker that give the Cobbler, Boston, and French or Parisian shakers we all know a run for their money.

1883 Flavour Vibes Contest

To celebrate the launch of their industry-leading social network, 1883 is giving bartenders and baristas worldwide the opportunity to win a tasting selection of Rock syrups. Enter the 2nd edition of the 1883 Flavour Vibes Contest now!

Diversity in the Industry

There's a conversation we need to have that has not been taking place. The topic is diversity in bars and nightclubs, and the fundamental lack thereof. To correct this problem we need to look at the past, present and future of our industry.

Building Staff Culture

One of the greatest challenges facing owners and operators today is creating a work environment that is both productive and profitable. Creating a healthy staff culture in the hospitality industry is crucial to your success, as we are all creating culture at all times, good and bad.

What's Your Product?

Let's be blunt: our industry is hard. We deliver a mixed product each and every day because our product is a combination of both goods and services, the most difficult type of product to manage effectively.

Featured Bartender: Pamela Wiznitzer

Pamela Wiznitzer is clearly The Bartender Who Never Sleeps in The City That Never Sleeps. She's the creative director at Seamstress in NYC, president of the New York chapter of the USBG, half of the Cocktail Guru team, mixologist for Weight Watchers' "Lightened Up" cocktails, founder of the Liquid Encouragement Blog, and both a passionate student and teacher within our industry.