Topic: Beverage Menus

Time for Spring Menus

Seasonally changing menus have become essential as a way to keep things fresh for regular customers, and to signal your awareness of trends. Lighter, brighter and longer drinks come in, gin and blanco tequila nudge brown spirits aside, and refreshment is key.

What's Shaking in 2017?

We asked bartenders from around the country to give their predictions for what'll be hot (and not) behind the bar this year. Find out about their thoughts on what will trend in 2017, as well as the drinks they hope get left by the wayside.

What's in Store for 2017?

It's never too soon to plan for tomorrow, and the first of what will be many prognostications of the future of beverage has arrived. Andrew Freeman & Co.'s latest report, the 2017 Trends Report, says draft coffee and wine, sour beer, and simpler cocktails are on their way to the top.

2016 Food & Menu Trends

Today's customer is more knowledgeable and more demanding than ever before. The majority have indicated that the chance to try a food item they can't make at home is an important factor when choosing a restaurant. The National Restaurant Association's 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast reveals the top food and menu trends for Tableservice and Limited-Service restaurants. Take a look to learn which items will help you attract customers.

Nutrition Labeling and Alcohol

The restaurant industry is facing new rules which are supposed to take effect December 1, 2016. These rules pertain to restaurant chains, the Affordable Care Act, nutrition information requirements and menu labeling.

Overcoming Growth Challenges

It's a challenging but promising time for the hospitality industry. Jobs and wages are up, unemployment and gas prices are down, but food and beverage sales growth is challenged. David Henkes of reserach firm Technomic shares the information you need to succeed.

Craft Brewer Industry Research

Recently, the Brewers Association released their data on US craft brewing growth for 2015. The BA found that with more breweries than ever before, small and independent craft brewers now represent 12% market share of the overall beer industry.