Topic: Bottle service

An Efficient Door

The speed of the night is important to every nightclub, so why do so many have such inefficient door systems in place? The door is the first area your guests experience, so why not streamline it and make that experience great?

Tableside Mixology

Jaded customers and skeptical Millennials can make it difficult for nightclubs to compete against cocktail lounges, neighborhood bars, and other cocktail destinations, but that could all change with the implementation of tableside mixology.

Table and Bottle Prices

One of our readers recently asked us how bars and nightclubs determine their pricing for VIP packages, booths, tables, bottle services, and advance booking fees. Another reader and a couple industry experts jumped at the chance to help answer that question.

Designing a Moneymaker

San Diego's RMD Group has designed wildly successful bars and nightclubs like Fluxx. They approach design from the perspective of operators, not traditional designers.

Significant Changes in Bottle Service Programs

A successful bottle service program serves as a tremendous stream of revenue for a venue. Today, it's an experience that everyone covets, and many times the only way you'll be able to set foot into some clubs. But there have been significant changes in the game.

Avoid the Nightmare of Double-Booked Tables

Itas nearly impossible to keep track of reservations using old school processes. The best way to keep track of reservations to mitigate double-booked tables is through a central technology platform to which everyone has access.