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Sherry Takes Flight

Knowledge of and interest in sherry in the United States has grown significantly over the past two decades. Learn how owner-chef-sommelier Deborah Hansen succeeds with sherry, and how you can too.

Duffify Your Menu

Chef Brian Duffy says that we're in the greatest place for food we've ever been, partially due to lower food costs and the absence of the pretentiousness we experienced in the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties. To leverage this change in food trends, you need to update your outdated menu.

2016 Beverage Trends

America's leading chefs, polled about 2016 trends, delivered some interesting food and beverage ideas worth a look for all levels of operator. Here are the top trends as predicted by 1,600 culinary professionals.

Hiring for Success

We encounter many obstacles when trying to hire a great staff. Brian Warrener, associate professor of The School of Hospitality at Johnson & Wales believes emotional intelligence can help.

Small Plates: A How-to

Offering food to your bar patrons is a critical element of your success. Here we examine how to plan and execute the right small plates menu, with some input from a successful operator who has.

Profits with Small Plates

Offering food to your bar patrons is a critical element of your success. Doing it well can be one of the toughest challenges in the business.

Flavor You Can Mustard

Small sandwiches, hot dogs, corndogs and pretzels. What do these items all have in common? Not only are they simple bar food, they all pair incredibly well with mustard.