Topic: Cinco de Mayo

Tequila Julep cocktail

Beautiful Booze Tequila Julep

This creative interpretation of a Mint Julep from Natalie Migliarini of Beautiful Booze calls for tequila, making it perfect for Cinco de Derby.

Cinco de Mayo 2016

A!Feliz Cinco de Mayo! and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Are you ready to celebrate this exciting holiday? We found 6 fantastic Cinco de Mayo cocktails to help you and your guests celebrate this holiday in style. Cheers!

Sippable Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

It is a bit ironic, while Cinco de Mayo is a fairly minor holiday in Mexico, it is comparable to a Mexican St. Patrickas Day here in the United States so it is in your best interest to capitalize on this festive holiday.

A Two-for-One Party

When two major drinking events occur on the same day, there is the chance of chaos. But for PorkChop in Chicago having the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo on the same day creates one incredible promotion.