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Old-Fashioned Über Alles

The workhorses of adult beverage consumption do most of the cocktail work but trend reporting often focuses on the most cutting edge offerings. However, those mainstays are changing according to a recent report from The IWSR about on-premise cocktail trends.

Westbound Launches Cocktail Kingdom's First Los Angeles Pop-Up Holiday Bar

On Wednesday, November 30, the downtown Los Angeles Arts District bar and eatery, Westbound, magically transforms into Miracle on Santa Fe, a whimsical winter wonderland of tinsel, garlands, sparkles, fresh falling snow, and pine. The first Los Angeles Miracle pop-up bar series (originally Miracle on 9th Street created by Cocktail Kingdom) features an impressive sensory display of drinks, dishes, and experiences that capture the charm of the season.

Hospitality Industry Podcasts

Podcasts give us a convenient way to learn about just about anything we can think of, including bartending, trends, and the state of the hospitality industry. Here are 7 of our favorite hospitality industry-focused podcasts.

SushiSamba Tropical Cocktails

Known for the successful blend of cultures and cuisines from Japan, Brazil and Peru, SushiSamba has overhauled their cocktail program. A new lineup of culinary cocktails and Signature Serves has been unveiled and the new drinks, all of which are decidedly tropical.

Repeal & Rejoice

The 8th Annual Repeal Day Ball was hosted this year by the D.C. Craft Bartenders Guild at the Carnegie Library on December 4, the day before the 82nd anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.