Topic: Decor

The Effect of Atmosphere

It's difficult to define atmosphere but it's crucial to the success of your bar or nightclub. Workplace culture, design elements and other factors contribute to atmosphere and you must understand each of them in order to succeed.

Lighten Up & Sound Reasonable

Need help getting specific on which audio and visual equipment to select? Let the experts shed some light and sound off on the matter.

The Sound and The Fury

There are two basic elements to any nightlife room: sound and lighting. Whether itas the most hopping club in Las Vegas or a dive bar in Des Moines, Iowa, those vital facets can make or break a venue.

Miamias Wall Redesigned to Focus on DJs

Tonight marks the grand reopening of WALL Lounge. And in case youare wondering why a club thatas only been open for about a year needs a redesign, owner Nicola Siervo is ready to explain.

Given the Green Light

Chicago's Lumen continues its success by restructuring the venue to highlight the green movement taking off in Chicago and becoming an eco-friendly hotspot.

Day to Night

Flexible furnishings and a little pizzazz can help a venue make a grand transition from daytime to nighttime, making it possible to service more dayparts.

Bringing Back the Bar

Leading the chain hotel world in bringing the bar back is Marriott International, and the impact of its initiative on hotel bar design and operation is sure to be substantial.