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Security Tactics Must Change

The recent shootings at nightclubs in Istanbul, Playa Del Carmen and West Hollywood have made it clear that a serious conversation about bar and nightclub security is overdue. We need to discuss how we as an industry should approach security to keep guests, employees, owners and even passersby safer.

Security Needs Hospitality Training

Because first impressions matter, it may be time to add hospitality training into the mix for your bouncers and other security staff. Since they're a customeras first point of contact, itas no surprise that many customers form a first impression of a nightclub based on their interaction with security.

Keep Your Bar Safe

When a bar is mentioned in the news due to incidents of violence, the shuttering of the venue is often not far behind. It may be impossible to eliminate violence completely but you can certainly minimize it with preventative measures.

Ensuring VIP Safety

Celebrities and other upper level VIPs, expect the highest level of protection when attending your nightclub. You need to be in constant contact with their team to plan and execute a smooth pre-arrival, arrival, and exit.

Realistic Fake IDs

High quality fake driver's licenses and ID cards are a clear and present danger to bars, nightclubs and lounges. Robert Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants shared the facts behind these fake IDs during the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show, as well as how to stop them.

Navigating Nightclub Security

It's no secret that our society isn't shy about calling lawyers and filing lawsuits. This can, of course, make nightclub security an incredibly sticky topic of discussion. Stuart Salomon of SDS Management Systems tackled the subject at the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show.

Navigating Nightclub Security

Nightclub security is about more than the door and the inside of your venue. Stuart Salomon of SDS Management Systems will be presenting a session about outside security during the 2016 NCB Show.

Become a Harder Target

The recent attacks that have taken place in Paris, Baghdad, Yola, and other cities across the globe have made it abundantly clear that hospitality industry operators must take a fresh look at venue security and training in order to keep guests and employees safe.

Proactive Security Measures

When was the last time you were discussing security in your venue and the conversation didn't turn to lawsuits? Security expert Mike Adams shares his tips for being proactive to avoid legal issues.