Topic: Employee theft

Prevent Theft from Behind the Bar

There aren’t many feelings more detrimental to operators and managers than being paranoid about team member theft...and the betrayal of being proven right.

Waste Not, Want Not

When operators consider waste, they likely only look at food waste or employee theft. However, waste comes in other forms in the hospitality industry. Operators need to understand that beverage and cleaner waste can cost them hundreds of dollars each month.

Employee Theft & Manipulation

Joe Szvetitz and Jim Close are experienced loss prevention professionals. They will be presenting a 1-hour program at the 2016 NCB Show designed to help you jump-start your loss prevention program.

16 Tips to Prevent Alcohol Theft

According to the National Restaurant Association, internal employee theft is responsible for 75 percent of inventory shortages and is an $11 billion problem in the U.S.

Spotting the Fingerprints of Theft

Do you have a problem with theft behind the bar? Many in the bar business do. But if youare waiting for a rise in your pour cost to alert you to a potential problem, you may be out of luck.

Short Pouring: Caught in the Act

I must be a lightning rod for malfeasance because all too frequently I spot bartenders ripping off the house. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye; other times they do it right in front of me. Itas enough to make me want to stay home.

Forensic Accounting Exposes Internal Theft

Few in business want to admit their employees are ripping them off. But they are. The international auditing firm Bevinco has determined that bars and restaurants lose a staggering 23% of their inventory to theft in one form or another.

Thwarting Bartender Theft

Employee theft can reduce cash flow to a trickle. How extensive is the problem? Theft costs bars on average 24 to 26% of gross sales, according to Bevinco.