Topic: Event promotion

Marketing, Talent or Timing: What’s to Blame?

How do you know if slow ticket sales for your bar or nightclub event is to lack of marketing, bad timing, or booking the wrong talent? There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to determine the root cause, but there are ways for you to understand your event performance.

Using Social Effectively to Promote Your Event

Social channels are one of the highest sources of conversion for most events since they allow you to target your audience on the channels they spend the most time on and boost content to expand your target audience reach.

Inauguration Day 2017 Cocktails

Donald J. Trump has been officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Some of us are excited, some of us are angry, some are hopeful, and there are some who are lamenting the outcome of the election. Plus, there are Americans who are totally confused by American politics, and some who just donat care. We could all, however, use a drink, so here are 15 Inauguration Day Cocktails.

2016 Repeal Day Promotions

In less than a week we celebrate perhaps the most sacred day of the year: Repeal Day. If there's a better day to toast the end of an era, that era being Prohibition, we don't know what it is. Here's a bit of the history of Prohibition, the impact of the Volstead Act, and a few Repeal Day promotions we love.

Pop-Ups Pop Up Internationally

A successful annual NYC pop-up bar promotion created by Mace Cocktail Bar owner Greg Boehm goes international, bringing holiday cheer to 30 cities across the globe, including London, Montreal, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and points in between.

#CocktailsandChill at Drumbar

Capitalizing on a hashtag that has evolved from social media to the pop culture lexicon, the #CocktailsandChill menu at Drumbar atop Raffaello Hotel in Chicago features cocktails inspired by popular Netflix shows.

Webinar Recap: PPV Events

Operators on the hunt for promotions with solid revenue-generating potential should seriously consider hosting pay-per-view events. Nick Gagliardi, owner of G&G Closed Circuit Events, presented a webinar recently hosted by Nightclub & Bar that detailed everything you need to know about pulling off a successful PPV event, and doing so time after time.

Pub Quiz Promotions

Looking for a simple but profitable promotion for your bar? A pub quiz is excellent for generating a loyal customer base, particularly on slower days. And, presumably, the guests that a pub quiz promotion attracts are smart!

National Beer Day 2016

Happy National Beer Lover's Day! Break out your favorite American ales and lagers or, if you want to try celebrating in a different way, try one of these fantastic beertails. Either way, today is the day to toast your love of beer. Cheers!