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Black Wednesday Recipes

Look, up in the sky, hurtling back towards the Earth! It's a rafter of turkeys because they aren't very good at flying! That can only mean one thing: Black Wednesday, the busiest bar day of the year, is upon is! Here are 12 great Black Wednesday food and cocktail recipes to help get you through the day and night!

National Happy Hour Day 2016

November 12 is National Happy Hour Day! That means now is the time to get ready for your happy hour promotions. These 6 cocktail recipes and 6 bar food recipes are sure to help you attract guests for happy hour.

7 Sports Bar Promotions

Sports bar promotions can be traditional or outside the box. You'll have to choose what will both pique your guests' interests and work best for your concept. To help you get your creative promotions and marketing juices flowing, here are 7 sports bar promotions that we definitely feel are home runs.

Delicious Brunch Promotions

How do you stand out from other venues offering brunch without giving away your bar? Here are 3 Las Vegas establishments that have made a name for themselves through successfully executed brunch promotions.

National Chips & Dip Day

Happy National Chips and Dip Day! Today is a celebration of a staple in the snacks and appetizers category, made famous throughout America by Lipton and suburbanites. This is the perfect time to use social media to brag about your menu and your chips and dips!

National Frog Legs Day

Today is National Frog Legs Day! This French and Chinese delicacy is enjoyed around the world, including in the southern region of the United States. Here's some interesting information about frog legs, along with useful wine and beer pairings.

Profit from Email Campaigns

Can you actually generate tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing email marketing? Yes you can, if you approach your campaign correctly. Industry expert Nick Fosberg will lay it all out for you at the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show!

Happy Hour Promotions

We're sure you're no stranger to the concept of happy hour promotions and how they can boost your slow days and nights. You may, however, need some inspiration to jazz up your own happy hour.