Topic: Growing sales

Wake Up Your Menu

Las Vegas restaurant Sage at ARIA Casino & Resort has revolutionized the traditional wine and cocktail menus, engaging guests and boosting revenue.

Duffified Live: Episode I

Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy's new podcast, is about more than bar and restaurant operations tips. In the first episode he speaks to bar consultant and future bar owner Michael Tipps.

Make 60% More in Sales

It is estimated that for every $40 spent in a Nightclub, roughly $60 is left on the table. That means that 60% of possible sales are falling through the cracks in Nightclubs on a routine basis.
Why? The environment is designed for partying and having fun. The Nightclub atmosphere is as inhospitable to service workers as the planet Mars is to astronauts. The good news is that just as technology is making Mars happen for humans (slowly but surely), itas doing the same for Nightclub servers (surely and quickly).

Powerful Bar Brand

Running a restaurant or a bar can be a tough business; failure rates are high and competition is fierce. While itas not easy, it is possible for your bar to be successful and profitable with the right plan of action.

5 Bar Marketing Tactics

Would you turn away a crowd of new customers? No, of course not. But are you actively trying to attract a new crowd or passively standing by - banking on word of mouth and praying for some positive press?