Topic: Insurance

Insured & Secured

Is your bar or nightclub insured? If it is, have you selected the right policies? Many operators neglect the task of insuring their bars, lounges and nightclubs, which can cost them large amounts of money and even shut down their businesses.

Weathering Change

It isn't just slumping sales and bad online reviews that can sink a bar, nightclub or restaurant. In our industry, all types of unexpected events and outside influences can devastate a business in moments. Here are 3 tales of owners who overcame the odds and rebuilt their bars.

Navigating Nightclub Security

Nightclub security is about more than the door and the inside of your venue. Stuart Salomon of SDS Management Systems will be presenting a session about outside security during the 2016 NCB Show.

Accountability at the Bar

Owning a bar presents many challenges, not the least of which is liquor liability. Operators need to commit to assessing their venue's risk if they want to survive and thrive.

Closing Time: Managing Patron Behavior

One of the most critical times in any bar or nightclub is the time leading up to and the actual closing of a venue. This witching hour can be problematic if not monitored and proactively managed.