Topic: Kitchen equipment

Babylon Micro-Farm

Babylon Micro-Farms use the highest quality materials and advanced technology to create a unique user experience that will bring a healthier and more sustainable future into your bar or kitchen.

Henny Penny F5

Henny Penny's F5 features a state-of-the-art touch-and-swipe screen with custom operating system, designed for frying. Icon-and picture-based visuals improve training and user experience increasing efficiency while reducing errors and waste.

CookTek Four-Burner Range

CookTek's heavy duty, three-phase commercial induction ranges are designed to fit in existing spaces and provide significant energy cost savings.

TurboChef i3 Rapid Cook Ventless Oven

The TurboChef i3 oven maximizes throughput and versatility with its large cavity size and ability to cook with most any metal pan up to a half-size sheet pan.

TurboChef Bullet High-Speed Ventless Oven

The Bullet oven uses radiant heat, high-speed air impingement, and side-launched microwave to cook food rapidly without compromising quality.