Topic: Local marketing

Resolutions for Owners & Operators

Promotions are a key component to the success of nightclubs and bars. However, creating new promotions is only half of the equation. You have to have the tools in place to effectively market your amazing promotions to your customers. Here are 3 tips for better marketing.

Keep a List of Guests

While most operators probably understand instinctively that they should be capturing customer data, too many of them simply fail to do it. You need to maintain an internal list of your regular customers so that you can market to them directly.

Preparing for the Holidays

It seems that each year we leap more quickly from tricks and treats to turkeys to tinsel. Bearing that in mind, now is the best time to pull your holiday season plan together. Wind back your marketing strategy for the holidays to a simpler time, and follow these other bits of advice.

Reaching Millennials

Content marketing is having interesting things to say, adding value, and inspiring people to spend their money with you, and it's critical to your success. Learn the best strategies for keeping ahead of the latest social media trends.

Market to Your Audience

As you know, marketing your nightclub, bar or event is critical to your success. Marketing drives awareness of your existence and brings customers to your venue. But what is the best way for you attract customers?

Marketing Tools & ROI

Great promotions don't require you to lower your prices. Using the right marketing tools at the right time to attract the right people can help you develop effective promotions and increase your return on investment.