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Empower Cosmopolitan Martini

A bottled cocktail that contains sweet potato vodka, triple sec, white cranberry and lime

Top 5 On-Premise Cocktails Revealed

Menu programming is treated by many operators as an exercise in creativity with pricing approached as a guessing game. Stop guessing, sell more drinks and make more money with these revelations.

Stir Things up for National Martini Day

Whether your penchant is for gin, vodka or a splash of both, we’ve got you covered this National Martini Day, which takes place on June 19. These modern versions of the Martini are well balanced and pay tribute to the stirred, booze-forward, elegant sip that never goes out of style.

Egg Nog Martini

An adult twist on a traditional holiday classic, the Egg Nog Martini is sure to please customers. I mean, really, what’s the holidays without a little egg nog?