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Hella Biters & Soda Dry Aromatic

Contains zero sugar and enough aromatic bitters to impart a crisp and dry flavor profile that feels just right day or night.

Fever-Tree Citrus Tonic Water

New Fever-Tree Citrus Tonic Water uses a blend of clementines, limes and bitter oranges plus their signature natural quinine to craft a perfectly balanced and refreshing mixer, created specifically to complement Patrón’s tequila

Zing Zang Slim Can Margarita Mix

Zing Zang’s All Natural Margarita Mix has a unique three-juice blend combining fresh lime, key lime and grapefruit with 100% blue agave nectar.
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What’s Shakin’: October 2

We’ve put together a detailed rundown of what happened this week that you should know. In life, knowledge is power. In this business, knowledge is dollars.

Better Bitters, Better Cocktails

You're doing yourself and your guests a disservice if you aren't using the best bitters, syrups, shrubs, drinking vinegars, tonics and tinctures in your cocktails. Elevate your drink builds with 18.21 Bitters.