Topic: Mobile marketing

5 Marketing Top Tips

In today's data-driven world there's no excuse to not know your guests and what they want from you. It's all too common for operators to spend money on mass marketing efforts aimed at a broad range of people who may or may not be their customers. Follow these 5 top tips to dial in your marketing, create customer loyalty, and generate revenue.

How To: Content Marketing

Using content in order to attract and engage with customers is a fresh marketing concept. You can borrow from big brand content marketing programs to create your own content strategy.

Capturing Your Cocktails

During the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, Natalie Migliarni of Beautiful Booze shared her best practices for using professional quality images of your cocktails to market your bar, restaurant or nightclub.

Marketing Tools & ROI

Great promotions don't require you to lower your prices. Using the right marketing tools at the right time to attract the right people can help you develop effective promotions and increase your return on investment.

Reach Your Customers

Everybody knows that everybody is using their mobile devices all the time. What everybody doesn't seem to know is how to reach these people through discovery engines and local searches.