Topic: Ongoing promotion

#CocktailsandChill at Drumbar

Capitalizing on a hashtag that has evolved from social media to the pop culture lexicon, the #CocktailsandChill menu at Drumbar atop Raffaello Hotel in Chicago features cocktails inspired by popular Netflix shows.

Pub Quiz Promotions

Looking for a simple but profitable promotion for your bar? A pub quiz is excellent for generating a loyal customer base, particularly on slower days. And, presumably, the guests that a pub quiz promotion attracts are smart!

PokA(C)mon Go Promotions

PokA(C)mon Go has officially reached pop culture phenomenon status. The great news is that you can leverage this fad to attract customers and boost your bottom line. Here are some promotions we love, and a few tips that will help you leverage this crazy fad.

Promoting Unusual Spirits

Rakia, a Balkan fruit brandy made from plums, pears, cherries or other fruits, takes center stage at Ambar in Washington, DC, and the operators there are making it interesting to sample with a tasting card promotion.

12 Marketing Resolutions

In just a couple of weeks, we'll be in 2016. You don't need to have an incredibly detailed full-year plan already mapped out but you should be committing to a month-to-month calendar of activities to next year.

Innovative Promotions

RMD Group owns San Diego hotspot Fluxx along with many other successful bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Find out about the promotions they've created and implemented.

The Blue Martini Lounge Goes Pink

Hosting its third annual Pink Party, the Blue Martini Lounge is hoping to draw attention to breast cancer awareness month with a few pink drinks and a lot of fun at its 12 locations.

Clash of the Titans

Industry night at San Diego's Side Bar is always busy, but as the club embarks on its second annual Clash of the Nightlife Titans 2 competition, which pits local bartenders against each other, General Manager Ali Pouladin foresees an exponential increase in business.