Topic: Pricing

Create a Pricing Strategy to Boost Revenue per Guest

It isn't enough to just drive guests through your doors. You need to understand your guests in order to realize the highest profits possible each and every night. Whitney Larson identifies the areas to focus on to optimize your revenue per guest.

Create Pricing Strategies

It's crucial to the success of your bar or nightclub that you understand your pricing strategy and how it relates to your customer's purchasing habits. Here are 3 areas for you to focus on to optimize your revenue per guest.

Ready, Set, Go!

The consumer landscape has changed and it's of critical importance that operators understand the new consumer, the broadening concept of competition, how to leverage occasions, how to evaluate pricing, and implement targeted promotions. Are you ready? Then get set and go!

2016 Nightlife Predictions

Staying on top of ever-changing trends is one of the most effective ways you can make certain your bar, nightclub or lounge stays ahead of the curve. To help you accomplish that, here are our 2016 bar and nightlife trend predictions.

Maximizing Your Beer Sales

Director of Category Management for MillerCoors Joe Abegg is a business consultant with a beer merchant mentality. He helps bars make more money with beer through simple yet effective strategies.

Bottle Service Conversion

One of the most lucrative ways to boost revenue is through the delivery of exceptional VIP service. But what can you do to convert $30 guests into $500 guests?