Topic: Servers

Serving Alcohol Responsibly

Trevor Estelle, the vice president at TIPS, will host a presentation addressing two trends that can impact the bottom lines of operators. First, there has been a significant increase in the number of legal actions being taken against establishments for serving alcohol to intoxicated customers. Second, there is a growing prohibitionist movement that is making it more and more difficult to sell and consume alcohol.

Diversity in the Industry

There's a conversation we need to have that has not been taking place. The topic is diversity in bars and nightclubs, and the fundamental lack thereof. To correct this problem we need to look at the past, present and future of our industry.

What's Your Product?

Let's be blunt: our industry is hard. We deliver a mixed product each and every day because our product is a combination of both goods and services, the most difficult type of product to manage effectively.

Woodford Reserve Distillery

There are many ways to reward your rock stars, and one of the most mutually beneficial is sending them on tours of the distilleries that make the products you use the most. In December of 2015, I visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery and I've felt a connection with the bourbon ever since.

No Tipping

Danny Meyer's influential Union Square Hospitality Group has taken a step in a newsworthy direction: starting in November at The Modern, with other venues to follow, tipping will be banned.

Motivating Employees to Drive Revenue

Internal marketing is more than just branding the inside of your venue. Motivating your staff and energizing them so that they'll work their hardest for you is a critical element of success.