Topic: Spirit sales

Buzz, Promotion and Creativity

Not every winery focuses solely on wine. Annata Bistro/Bar at the Mount Palomar Winery, for example, has been running a series of limited-time-offer cocktail promotions for the past 6 months in order to generate buzz about the 12-month-old winery.

2017 Spirits Crystal Ball

2016 turned out to be a big year for spirits in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, with enthusiasm among customers for quality drinks heading steadily off the charts. In our last set of predictions for 2017, we look into the spirits crystal ball for the five top trends.

Enhance the Beverage Experience

Today's consumers have diverse, discerning palates that crave a premium beverage experience right down to the glassware. Craft beer and brown spirits like bourbon, rye, and Scotch and Irish whiskeys are the fastest growing beverage categories in the United States.

Make New Yearas Events Stand Out

Along with festive decorations and crowd-pleasing entertainment, one way to elevate a New Yearas Eve party or New Yearas Day brunch is with the right tabletop and bartop presentation, including serving your best drink creations in the right glassware.

Whiskey for Women

Research and anecdotal evidence indicates that women are moving away from sweet, one-dimensional and fruity vodka cocktails and embracing whiskey for its complexity. The Second Floor by Scott Gottlich in Dallas and Embers Ski Lodge in Nashville are focusing more on whiskey to appeal to more women, imbue their bars with excitement and fun, and satisfy more refined palates.

Spirits Driving Growth

A recent report suggests that bars and restaurants are not focusing enough on the categories that are booming, keeping their growth and the growth of multiple categories down. Here are the spirits that boosting sales and driving growth.

Holiday Cocktail Presentations

To elevate the beverage experience at holiday events and keep guests raving requires choosing the right glass for the right drink. The Masteras Reserve Collection by Libbey is American-made legacy craftsmanship that creates a glass to heighten the beverage experience.

14 Loch Lomond Whiskies

In a truly impressive and stunning move, the Loch Lomond Group has announced the introduction of 14 scotch whiskies to the United States. The Loch Lomond Collection consists of Loch Lomond, Glen Scotia, Inchmurrin, High Commissioner, Littlemill ultra-rare whisky, and more.

Fall Cocktails: Apples Aplenty

As we head into October, it's time to consider using apples in fall cocktails. The apple is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a number of ways, including pairing apple ciders with different spirits.