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March 2017 Bartender of the Month: Rael Petit

Join us in congratulating Rael Petit, our March 2017 Bartender of the Month! Rael came to New York City in 2003 from Switzerland for what was supposed to be his summer vacation. He ended up taking a job as a bartender and just over a decade later Rael can be found channeling his boundless energy into creating innovative cocktails at Delilah in New York City.

Featured Bartender: Eric Hobbie

Eric Hobbie, our February 2017 Bartender of the Month, moved to Las Vegas from New York 12 years ago to open JET Nightclub inside The Mirage. After a chance encounter with Giada De Laurentiis, Hobbie scored a position at the celebrity chef's first restaurant, Giada in Las Vegas. Once he heard that Sam Ross was opening a bar in Vegas, however, he just had to work for the man he had looked up to for years. Now, he's tending bar and training new hires at The Dorsey in Las Vegas.

Featured Bartender: Bob Peters

Congratulations to Bob Peters, our January 2017 Bartender of the Month! The bartender at the helm of The Punch Room at The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte in North Carolina, Bob is well known for his creative palate as well as for his ability to entertain.

Featured Bartender: Tim Rita

Originally hailing from the island paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii, Tim Rita is a leading, award-winning bar chef and mixologist in Las Vegas. Not only is the "ice breaker" at Goose Island Lounge inside T-Mobile Arena, he's also a mixologist at The Cosmopolitan.

Featured Bartender: E. Carter Wilsford

Congratulations to our October 2016 Bartender of the Month, E. Carter Wilsford, who works behind the stick at Analogue in New York City! Not only is E. Carter Wilsford a highly skilled bartender, he's an engaging person who can speak intelligently about almost any topic, particularly if that topic happens to be Scotch or other spirits.

Featured Bartender: Laura Bellucci

Congratulations to Laura Bellucci, our September 2016 Bartender of the Month! Laura is the head bartender at SoBou in New Orleans and her creativity, positive attitude, and friendly approach to tending bar are off the charts.

Featured Bartender: Nathaniel Smith

Our August 2016 Bartender of the Month first entered the industry as a way to pay for his love of art: making, curating and writing about it. But once he changed his focus to cocktails and becoming the best bartender he could be, bartending and cocktail competitions became his passion.