Topic: Upselling

Data is the Real MVP

Mixology, design, music and ambiance are certainly important ingredients for the success of any nightclub event, but the most important ingredient, the true MVP, is data. Without data you're leaving money on the table.

Know Your Nightclub Guests

Who are the guests who come to your nightclub the most often, spend big money, and bring their friends? You know, the guests you would label "loyal." If you don't know, you're missing out on repeat business and big dollars. A CRM system like VAmos can ensure that you capture the valuable information you need to create guest loyalty.

Managing Your Line

The line outside of your venue is an important part of creating perceived value. It shows that your party is not only worth attending, it's worth the wait. However, that only holds true if you manage your line efficiently.

Create Pricing Strategies

It's crucial to the success of your bar or nightclub that you understand your pricing strategy and how it relates to your customer's purchasing habits. Here are 3 areas for you to focus on to optimize your revenue per guest.

Maximize Revenue with Data

New technology creates new ways to do business. Hereas how using technology can lead to uncovering data, and how that data ultimately allows you to maximize your revenue.

Bottle Service Conversion

One of the most lucrative ways to boost revenue is through the delivery of exceptional VIP service. But what can you do to convert $30 guests into $500 guests?