Topic: VIP service

VIP Treatment: It’s all in the Details

VIP treatment, from expedited entry to bottle service, has been around since the inception of nightclubs. But how do you ensure that you and your staff are providing an experience that meets or exceeds expectations?

Retire Paper Guest Lists

In today's digital world there's no reason you should still use pen and paper to manage your nightclub's guest lists. It's time to move on, go digital, and avoid the problems caused by paper guest lists.

Global Nightclub Trends

Nightclub owners and operators interested in offering new experiences to their guests should take a look at what nightlife venues in other countries are doing. Import those ideas to draw in new customers and give your loyal guests a unique evening.

Strengthen the Guest Experience

The concept of treating each guest as an individual is a huge opportunity for every venue. Millennials have indicated that impersonal experiences are at the top of the list when it comes to reasons they don't frequent nightclubs. Here are 3 steps that will shift your focus back to your customers to give them the experience they want.

Speakeasy Comeback

By their very nature, speakeasies are hard to find, unpublicized, and a cocktail venue open to only those in the know. They first hit their heyday during Prohibition as we all know, but in the past year speakeasies have started to once again come into their own.

Intrigue Radio Interview

Our online content editor participated in a Nevada Public Radio interview with personal concierge company owner Shane Hamilton of Vegas Republik Group that focused on the opening of Intrigue Las Vegas and the state of Las Vegas' nightlife industry.