Topic: Vodka

Smoke, Mirrors and Colors by Beautiful Booze

Smoke, Mirrors and Colors

Beautiful Booze created this enticing cocktail that works for National Mezcal Day on October 21, Halloween, and the entirety of autumn.

Fall Sunset

Welcome autumn and celebrate National Vodka Day with this crushable cocktail from Beautiful Booze.


This elegant cocktail is a sophisticated way to celebrate National Vodka Day.

The Belvedere Morning Twist

As attractive as it is refreshing, this cocktail combines matcha with ginger beer.

NEFT Vodka, White Barrel

Russian for "oil," this vodka is packaged in a unique, specially made, recyclable oil barrel that won't shatter or break.

NEFT Vodka, Black Barrel

Produced exclusively in small batches using a distillate that is significantly different from that used in conventionally made vodka.