Topic: Word of mouth marketing

Keep a List of Guests

While most operators probably understand instinctively that they should be capturing customer data, too many of them simply fail to do it. You need to maintain an internal list of your regular customers so that you can market to them directly.

Know Who You Are

Branding is marketing. You can't brand your bar correctly unless you know who are. Here are some tips on how to define your brand and guests and communicate your concept to them.

Past & Present Marketing

A lot has changed in our industry when it comes to marketing tools and strategies. A panel of experts breaks down what worked in the past and how it translates to today and the future.

Powerful Bar Brand

Running a restaurant or a bar can be a tough business; failure rates are high and competition is fierce. While itas not easy, it is possible for your bar to be successful and profitable with the right plan of action.