Change Management Begins at the Top

To some people, change can be a scary word.  Change is the unknown future, the devil we don’t know.  Whatever we call it, and however we deal with it, we live with it every day.  What changes will the nightclub and bar business experience over the next year or five years?  How will your organization deal with it?  No one knows what changes are coming, but we know with certainty that things will inevitably change.

Every organization is structured differently.  From small bars to mega night life corporations, each entity will encounter changes in every facet of their business.  From attracting guests to fighting government regulation, every organization will have more than their share of challenges.  Since we cannot predict the exact changes, or know which trends are here to stay and which are fleeting, every company must be prepared to meet and overcome any challenges or threats to the organization.

We train our staff to be efficient, friendly and to pursue profit.  We tend to the physical plant and work with vendors on everything from the newest trends for our guests, to determining the most effective way to clean the floors.  What we don’t do, is actually train our organizations to foresee and proactively respond to upcoming changes. The manner in which your team is able to channel those inevitable changes through the company will affect morale, productivity and profit.

Change Management begins at the top.   Are your managers and bar staff prepared?  What about your marketing company?  How can you be sure that what worked last year, or last week, will work tomorrow?  Are robotic bartenders and kiosks the answer to the $15 minimum wage?

It’s time to think about your company’s future in a new and challenging manner.  It is not the strongest who survive, but those who are most able to positively manage change.  After all, if you’re not moving forward, you are falling back. 

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