How to Transform Your Guests into Raving Fans

Kristopher B. Jones at the Nightclub & Bar Show
Kris Jones delivering his keynote at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show. Image: Getty

Last month I wrote an article that dives into 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show speaker Kris Jones’ keynote speech. My goal was to take a look at the 6 tips he shared with keynote attendees and share them with you. Nobody, however, knows a message better than the man or woman who crafted it.

This month, Jones wrote an article for Huffington Post that takes an even deeper dive into what makes someone a successful entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur himself, Jones’ HuffPo article provides priceless insight for bar, nightclub and restaurant owners and operators. However, GMs, AGMs, and bar and kitchen managers will also benefit from Jones’ tips.

In his article he explains Holocracy, the management practice that has driven so much of online shoe and clothing juggernaut Zappos’ success. Holocracy, as Jones explains it, is a system of management where positions don’t exist, and employees decide on their own how to approach a given task. It may sound like chaos but that isn’t the case. Holocracy has worked for Zappos for two reasons: they hire only the most passionate people and they train those people to deliver superior customer service.

As an operator in the bar and nightlife business you already know that both of those approaches to business are effective: Your dream hires are passionate about your brand and the role they play in making it successful, and they deliver an amazing guest experience. And you also know the byproduct – and its value – generated by such hires: glowing word-of-mouth advertising spread by fanatic brand evangelists.

Jones also delves into the realm of business psychology. “Set some uncomfortable goals… If you are looking to build a million-dollar business, make it $1.5 million,” says Jones. This is what he refers to as progression-forward psychology. Explained in simple terms, if you set a lofty goal you’ll work harder to achieve the expected result than if you set a goal you know presents no challenge.

The serial entrepreneur tackles the business psychology of optimism. Look, we all know how difficult it is to pursue your dreams. The bar, nightlife and restaurant business can be cruel and intimidating. It’s easy, therefore, to view things through a negative lens. If your outlook has become a tad negative – and admitting that to yourself is helpful – Jones wants you to work on changing it.

Positivity, after all, follows a similar path to that of word-of-mouth advertising. It starts with you: your positive attitude and approach to business needs to overflow into your employees. In turn, their positivity translates to exceptional guest experiences, motivating customers to sing your praises to family, friends, coworkers and tourists, growing your reach exponentially. So, never think you can’t achieve a goal. Instead of thinking in terms of failure, view everything as learning experiences. Be decisive and positive.

Make a point of taking the time to read Kris Jones’ Huffington Post article. Share the lessons contained therein with your managers and employees. Your business – and your life – will be better for it.

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