Truly Hard Seltzer

The world's best spiked and sparkling water didn't exist. And frankly, the choices for light and refreshing low-calorie, low-sugar options weren’t great. Cocktails were too complicated, wine was too heavy, and who needs that bloated feeling that comes with light beer? So, Truly went to work, playing around with recipes for a refreshing, clean and simple spiked sparkling water.

Truly Hard Seltzer appeals to active, health-conscious consumers. Every batch is made with simple, natural ingredients and hints of fruit. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Just 100 calories and 5% ABV.

With 13 refreshing styles, there’s something for everyone.

Rosé: Bubbly and delicately sweet with a hint of California Chardonnay grapes. Move over, rosé wine.

Wild Berry: Naturally sweet flavors of juicy California strawberries, raspberries and Marion blackberries.

Blueberry & Acai: Tart blueberries mixed with the sweet berry flavors of Brazilian açaí.

Raspberry Lime: Ripe California raspberries mixed with a refreshing zest of lime.

Black Cherry: Slightly sweet and full of flavor, made with some of the world’s best black cherries from the Pacific Northwest.

Lime: Delightfully refreshing, crisp and classic lime.

Grapefruit: Bold citrus aroma complemented by grapefruit’s perfect tartness.

Orange: Mellow orange with bright citrus notes.

Lemon: Bright, refreshing and full of citrus zest.

Pineapple: Tropical in a can, perfect for sipping in the sun.

Mango: Ripe, juicy mango with hints of coconut and pineapple.

Passion Fruit: Naturally sweet passion fruit with tropical notes of peach, coconut, pineapple and mango.

Pomegranate: Balanced natural sweetness with a slightly tart finish, like juicy pomegranate seeds.