Underwood Pinot Noir

Union Wine Company opened up shop and made it their mission to pay close attention to the details, while leaving the fussy parts behind. By being efficient about everything, from how they set up the winery to how they make wine, Union knew they could successfully create that marriage of craft and small-scale manufacturing. The name Union was chosen to honor and bring together the diversity, spirit and character of Oregon.

At the end of the day, wine is just a beverage. And then it becomes part of something greater. It brings people together over a meal, for celebrations big and small. And that’s incredibly satisfying to everyone at Union.

It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a 375mL can. Underwood Pinot Noir is one of the most approachable and ready-to-travel-anywhere wines Union produces. Whether you’re sitting in a hot tub after a good day of riding or heading where other wines dare not travel, Union has you covered without sacrificing the craft taste Union is known for.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, cherry, chocolate

13% ABV