Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone Rye

During his almost 40-year tenure at Wild Turkey, Eddie Russell has distilled and enjoyed his share of rye whiskies, but it was more recently that he began to re-examine the spirit and innovate on the American classic. Today, Eddie celebrates Wild Turkey's legacy as a leading rye whiskey distiller with his latest expression—Master's Keep Cornerstone Rye, the fourth release in the award-winning Master's Keep series. The result is a whiskey of extraordinary maturity, and the oldest rye ever released by Wild Turkey Distilling Co.

Master’s Keep Cornerstone Rye is the fourth release in the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep series, and the oldest rye whiskey ever released by Wild Turkey. For this one-of-a-kind Limited Edition, Eddie hand-picked and set aside a secret lot of his oldest and boldest rye whiskey barrels, all aged from nine to 11 years, then used his nearly four decades of experience to create a perfectly balanced spirit. Aromas of vanilla, black pepper and toasted rye give way to cascading flavors of honey and baked apple before a long and lingering finish of spice and oak.

54.5% ABV