WineSociety Ultra-Premium Canned Wines

Wine doesn't have to be complex, intimidating or expensive to be amazing – it doesn't even have to be in a bottle. WineSociety believes wine connects people. From the story of the wine creator, to the cheers between friends, wine is meant to be shared.

WineSociety's canned wines come from the highest quality vineyards and are blended in the hills of California. Each blend is designed and canned to be environmentally friendly and convenient for any adventure. These wines are perfect for pool-side, ocean-side, rooftop, and stadium bars, nightclubs and restaurants. They're also ideal for patios, sidewalk seating spots, and other outdoor areas.

Tempt: This premium canned red wine strikes a balance between sweet and dry. Our editor has tasted it and declared it to be similar in profile to the Prisoner.

Chance: A beautiful duality of fruit balanced with a fresh crispness. According to our editor, you'll be reminded of iconic Whispering Angel Rosé.

Fate: Light and crisp, Fate is a refreshing blend between dry and sweet. You need to taste it to draw your own comparison.