Wintersun Organic Aquavit

Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2008, Bluewater Organic Distilling is a community-focused, independent distillery dedicated to crafting brilliantly-smooth vodka, gin and aquavit. With a focus on sustainability and artisan techniques, Bluewater has evolved to be the industry leader in quality and integrity. Our award winning organic spirits are copper-distilled in small batches, bottled in American glass and pledge 1% for the Planet.

Nestled on the Waterfront at the Port of Everett, Bluewater Organic Distilling’s flagship location is home to the distillery, tasting room and retail store, as well as craft cocktail bar, fresh bistro and private event space.

Inspired by the Bluewater founder’s Scandinavian heritage, Wintersun Organic Aquavit blends their signature 100-percent copper-distilled grain spirit with caraway, aniseed and orange to provide a classic and inviting profile. Delicately balanced for creative mixology, try Wintersun in a Cucumber Gimlet, stirred aromatic cocktail, or as the perfect ice-cold shot at festive meals.

80 proof