Conference Overview

This program is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of bar and restaurant owners, operators, and professionals looking to recover and reforge after the devastating toll of COVID-19. Benefit from real-world, proven advice on how to excel in all areas of returning to a profitable and efficient bar or restaurant.

What to expect? All new educational topics, masterclasses and case studies like:

  • Anatomy of Failure: How to Succeed Your First Try
  • 2023 Menu Trends to Know, Before Everyone Else Does
  • Optimizing Your Beverage Program: How to Make the Most of Your Inventory
  • Social Media 101
  • Thriving in a Virtual Landscape
  • Mental Health in Hospitality
  • Empowering Staff to Deescalate Conflict
  • DEI Plans: What it Is, Why it Matters and How to Build Yours

Check back this Fall for 2022 Conference Program Updates!

Bar & Restaurant Expo

Education Offerings Include

F&B Education

F&B Education

Find exciting ways to increase revenue through technology and quality ingredients.



Interactive and in-depth Workshops will give you the tools and knowledge to put your venue on a path to success.

Conference Sessions

Conference Sessions

Featuring new tracks and speakers, this year’s conference program will showcase even more inspirational ideas.

Expert Speakers

Expert Speakers

Our experts produce transformative ideas that help shape your success across various areas of the hospitality industry.

Focused Education. 5 Targeted Tracks Include:

Food & Beverage: Culinary experts from around the world will discuss the importance of creating proprietary menus that set owners apart from the competition without putting them behind on labor and food costs. Many operators had to slim down their menus after reopening, learn how to stay lean and profitable without giving up creativity. Attendees will also learn about unique beverage trends including the rise of zero-proof cocktails, sustainability, and the latest in wine. 

Guest Experience: Sanitation and comfortability are intrinsically linked to the 'new' normal we are in. To help operators deliver value to their guests when dining out, each guest experience session will provide insight into the tactics that are driving new and repeat business alike. 

Staff & People: Focusing on how bar and restaurant operators attract, train and retain all-star, diverse staff members, attendees will learn from industry experts as they discuss a variety of topics ranging from wellness and benefit offerings to how bar owners are combating the rise of minimum wage by creating a culture that makes work more than a paycheck. 

Operations: While systems and profit and loss statements may not be the most glamorous discussion, nothing else sets operators up for continued profitability and expansion. A sharp eye on financials and cash flow is how many survived the past few months. Not only does it increase the odds of being successful in this tough business, but it also allows owners to get hours of their day back by running a business instead of the business running them. Attendees will learn from operators who have both earned millions in sales and raised seven-figures in funding. 

Marketing & Promotions: Providing guests with a playbook of how to stand out among a sea of competitive messaging, each marketing and promotions session will break down a different element while addressing local search, online reputation, social media, advertising, public relations, loyalty programs, and more.


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