Unlock your profit potential: Ignite success in your bar or restaurant!

Featuring breakout sessions, keynote presentations, and panel discussions from renowned industry leaders who have achieved remarkable success in their own establishments.

Join us for an empowering conference program designed exclusively for professionals who are eager to take their profitability to new heights. Discover the strategies, insights, and cutting-edge techniques that will unlock the hidden potential within your business and drive sustainable financial success.

Over the course of this dynamic program, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs will share their invaluable knowledge, guiding you through proven methods to optimize revenue, streamline operations, and boost profitability. From innovative marketing strategies and menu engineering to cost control tactics and staff management techniques, you'll gain a comprehensive toolkit tailored specifically to the challenges faced by bar and restaurant owners.

Bar & Restaurant Expo

Focused education across new conference tracks:

Food: Learn how to enhance your food offerings while maximizing profitability through menu development, ingredient sourcing, cost control, and culinary innovation. Uncover the secrets of food excellence that will drive your bar or restaurant to new heights. 

Beverage: Elevate your beverage offerings and maximize profitability and explore the world of beverages to enhance guest experiences and drive revenue. This track will cover the latest trends and techniques to captivate customers and increase sales. Uncover the secrets of crafting extraordinary beverage experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

Guest Experience: Discover the secrets behind creating unforgettable moments that keep patrons coming back for more through exceptional guest experiences that drive customer loyalty and elevate your establishment's reputation. 

People & Staffing: Be empowered to build and manage a high-performance team. From attracting and retaining top talent to fostering a positive work culture, we'll explore effective recruitment strategies, innovative training techniques, and employee engagement practices that promote productivity and minimize turnover. Join us to unlock the secrets of successful staffing and the full potential of your bar or restaurant. 

Operations: Equip yourself with practical strategies and insights to enhance operational efficiency and boost profitability. You'll discover innovative techniques to streamline workflows, reduce costs and increase productivity to transform your establishment's operations and drive sustainable growth in the competitive hospitality landscape. 

Marketing & Promotions: Discover powerful marketing strategies, revenue-boosting promotions, and innovative tactics to effectively promote your venue, attract new customers, and engage with existing patrons. You'll gain practical knowledge on how to craft compelling brand stories, create captivating content, and harness the power of online and offline channels to increase foot traffic and revenue. Propel your business to new heights of success through effective marketing and revenue-driving promotions.



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Bar & Restaurant Expo